NJMP April 22nd-24th Sat Lightning Sun & Mon Thunderbolt Course New Jersey Motorsports Park Trackday with Absolute Cycle Experience

Spring is finally here and we are back at one of my favorite tracks.  The Absolute track days are second to none and a great place for first time track day riders to experience the freedom and safety of riding at a track instead of the street.

Spending the day at a track allows us to go as fast as our skills allow in an environment where there are no cars, telephone poles, cops or on coming traffic to ruin our day.

We all wear the appropriate safety gear so in the event of a crash the damage in most cases is to our pride and our bike.  If by chance the crash is worse than expected there is a medical center on site and a ambulance is always less than 60 seconds away from any point on the course.

An absolute track day is not about racing even though you will always find a group of racers honing their skills in the expert group.

Its not about the power of the bike either.  I have several bikes and my street legal liter bike is only about a second faster that my Daytona 675R track bike.  Its is more about learning the race line and developing a smooth flow in and out of corners than it is about power.

An absolute track day is more like a day with family.  For the most part everyone is willing to help with what ever questions or problems that come up and everyone has the same goal of spending the entire day on the track with no incidents.

One word of warning :   If it is your first time riding on the track and you think you will show up and be the big dog out to show off or out motor everyone in your group, think again.  The coaches will quickly single you out and either you will get with the program  or find yourself watching from the stands.

The skills of the coaching staff are second to none short of professional racers which some of them are professional racers.

Any of the coaches are happy to help you improve your skills and if necessary they offer one on one coaching for a modest fee.  I say modest because I have spent $2500 for a two day camp with the California superbike school on several occasions with no regrets about the cost or experience.  The ACE coaches only charge approx $300 for a one on one coach for the day and that is a steal.


  • NJMP Lightning & Thunderbolt 3 day Spring Fling!
  • New ACE’s Format = More track Time!
  • Camping/Electric/24HourAccess/Pool/Clubhouse/Showers/Wifi Now Only $5 a day !
  • Garages $40 open Air, $60 VIP $10 Max TAT credit can be applied
  • Free Intro (ACE INTRO) included with your $75 Track Access fee for first timers on Track or $100 for first timers with ACE (existing riders) Lightning Saturday!
  • I-Camp(intermediate level schools will be available) $150
  • CCS License Certification $145, One on one Advanced Coaching $300 will be available.
  • HTA Hitting The Apex School for Advanced riders and Racers $225
  • Maximum 30% can be applied to Event from TAT credit.


New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP)
Thunder + Lightning

NJMP offers two premier road courses: Thunderbolt (14-turn, 2.25 miles) and Lightning (10-turn, 1.9 miles). Thunderbolt hosts the Moto America pro racing series and challenges riders with 14 technical turns with a half-mile front straight ready to take on the best of the best. Lightning is a great change of pace with its fast and sweeping turns perfect to test the limits of your ride.

Track Map


Camping Rules & Regulations

By purchasing a camping pass and camping on NJMP property, you and those in your campsite are responsible for abiding by these guidelines. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the facility.

Camping pass & parking pass display: When purchasing a camping pass, guests will receive one camping pass and one parking pass for a tow vehicle. Attach tent passes on the outside of the tent (weather permitting). Place RV passes in the windshield or tape them in another easily visible location. Display both passes at all times.

Unit spacing: To comply with fire and safety regulations, all camping units (including personal automobiles) must be separated by at least 5 feet.

Campfires: Campfires/ground fires are not allowed.

Noise: We ask that you be respectful of your neighbors. Quiet time in the campground goes from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. During that time un-muffled engines must not be run and loud music should not be played.

Firearms and fireworks: Firearms and fireworks are prohibited anywhere on the grounds.

Alcohol: Beer in coolers is permitted for individual consumption in the campground areas only, They cannot be brought into the Paddock from the outside of the gates.

Drugs: Illegal drugs are strictly prohibited at NJMP.

Children: A responsible adult must closely supervise all children less than 17 years of age.

Pets: NJMP discourages bringing pets to the track. Pets will be allowed if they are leashed. Cleanup is the responsibility of the pet owner. Otherwise, NJMP will fine the owner and both may be asked to leave the facility. On days warmer than 70 degrees, pets may not be left in cars or trucks unless the vehicle is running and the air conditioner is on. Pets are not allowed in any of NJMP’s buildings or the concession area.

Asphalt: Do not pound stakes or make any holes in any asphalt surface. Do not paint any asphalt surface. Offenders will be held liable for all damages and may be ejected from the property without a refund. If you must temporarily jack a vehicle on asphalt, you must have metal or wood under the jack and jack stands. No exceptions.

Track close: NJMP will close at 7:00 p.m. on the Sunday of an event weekend. Unless other arrangements have been previously made with the NJMP Registration office, your campsite must be dismantled, cleaned and excited by this time.

Clubhouse Pool at NJMP Opens Memorial Day Weekend! All ACE & TRU riders coming to our events in 2016 have complete use of the NJMP facility.

The Clubhouse Pool Daily Rates (per person)

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