Track Day Flags

Track Day Flags


The first priority at a track day is safety.  Safety starts with flags and understanding their meaning.  The flags      used by the corner workers and the track marshal are important for your safety and the safety of others.  Learn them and look for them on the track.


Common flags  used by corner workers in major racing leagues


   Start of race / restart / end of hazzard / safe racing conditions / pit lane open


  Local caution  full-course caution


  Race stopped / delay Session stopped.  Red flag does not mean chop the throttle and come to a stop and help out.  Slow down get a hand in the air and get back in the pits.


   Black Flag / mechanical problem with you or your bike.  Get off the race line or the track and back into the pits.  You could have something loose or leaking causing a hazard to you or others.


  Meatball / Flag Return to the pits.  Track control needs to talk to you for some reason.


   Race finished / winnerSession finished / winner


Below are a couple links to some safety flag videos.

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  1. First and foremost, a Track Day event is about you driving your car. Our primary focus is the safety of you and your car. Getting you as much seat time as possible with instruction is our next goal, so you can become more comfortable behind the wheel of your car at speed.

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